The first real estate backed token paying out dividends

Leaseum Partners introduce a new model of blockchain based real estate investments that will combine the best of both real estate investment management & blockchain worlds, making it significantly more attractive for investors.

We pay dividends.
Payout in Fiat      or Crypto   

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A new way to invest in Real Estate

Easier access, optimised liquidity and periodic yield.

Security Token: Diversification in the crypto market.

Bridge between crypto currency and real world asset.

Smart Real Estate value tracker

Creating a stable growth and narrow price corridor

How Does Leaseum Work?

Leaseum Partners will issue Leaseum Tokens and invest the proceeds in income producing commercial real estate in New York City. Token holders will benefit from dividend rights, voting right and capital gain rights.

Leaseum Tokens will be traded at low cost 24/7, which will allow investors to bypass standard 5+year lock-up periods imposed within the commercial real estate industry.

Real assets-backed Leaseum Tokens generate regular income with defensive qualities.

Investment Type

Commercial real estate (ex: office buildings)


New York City

Dividend distributions

Yes – FIAT or ETH

Portfolio Diversification

7-10 Buildings


Leaseum token will be listed on crypto securities exchanges, with secondary market trading open 24/7 (see White Paper, liquidity section).

Capital Gain

Profits from property sales

Private sale Open

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Key Points

Dividends distributions

Rental income from the properties will be distributed to token holders

Dividends distributions

Rental income from the properties will be distributed to token holders

Asset Backed

Every token is a digital share of our Real Estate Fund, backed by property assets.

Risk Diversification

Highly reduced risk of loss of principal compared to other cryptocurrencies, for higher yield than traditional assets.

Stable Growth

Leaseum partners introduced a sophisticated mechanism to reduce volatility and ensure a stable growth of the token value

Performance Focused

Gain access to good yields usually reserved to the biggest institutional investors.


Easy access to Real Estate, Leaseum tokens will be traded on the secondary market 24/7.


Easy access to Real Estate, Leaseum tokens will be traded on the secondary market 24/7.


Q2 2018

Opening of the private placement reserved to institutional investors.

Q3 2018

Interest registering in case of opening of the fund to public investors (ICO).

Q1 2019

Start of the fund investment period.


First dividend paid to token holders.

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Co-Founder, CEO

Private Equity, Real Estate & Consulting

Monaco Resources Group

Kurt Salmon (now Accenture Strategy)

13+ years experience




Former co-Head Aviva Investors Alternative Income Solutions (Managing Director Real Estate, Infrastructure)

25+ years of experience



Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Principal at The Chetrit Organization, NYC-based single family office managing several billion USD of Principal real estate assets in Manhattan, and several USD 1billion+ deals done in the US.



Co-Founder, Head of Financial Engineering

Multi Asset Quant & Risk Analyst

Senior Vice President Citi, Credit Suisse, Societe Generale

8+ years of experience



Co-Founder, Head of Investor Relations

Equity Derivatives & Structured Products Institutional Sales Manager

Director Natixis CIB, BNP Paribas

12+ years of experience




Internet entrepreneur

Co-founded the retail brand MADE.COM, second fastest-growing tech company in the UK in 2014 and multi-awarded European success

Advisor & Investor in the start ups & fast growing scale ups scene

Robin Paynter Bryant

Capital Markets

Partner Trinity Column, Managing Director Industrial Bank of Japan (Mizuho Group), LCF E. De Rothschild, Nikko Securities, FCA CF1 & 13

Governance expert & ex-UK Regulatory Board member

30+ years experience.




Investment professional with 18 years of experience in M&A, ECM, Quantitative Proprietary Trading, Hedge Fund Management.

BNP Paribas, Commerzbank




Blockchain developer & Cybersecurity

Lead blockchain developer at STRATIS (top 40 cryptocurrency by market capitalisation) focusing mainly on wallets and privacy protocols



Blockchain Advisor & Asset Management expert

CEO Team Blockchain, crypto economics, ICO and funds specialist

Over 25 years experience as CEO of Premier Asset Management (£1bn+ under management, floated in London)



Cross Asset Trading

Managing Director Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Exotic Equity Derivatives Trading, Cross Asset Macro Hedge Fund Manager

15+ years of experience



Investors Relations

Former Managing Director & Head of Falcon Private Bank (Dubai)

VP Citi Private Bank (UAE)

MENA Regional Director Societe Generale Private Bank

20+ years of experience



Investors Relations

Derivatives, hedging & alternative investments expert

Managing Director Aegon Americas, Natixis Alternative Investments, Celestar Capital Advisors, Axa Capital Advisors, Citi

30+ years experience



Legal & Compliance Advisor

US qualified lawyer and US qualified accountant

30+ years experience of legal, compliance and regulatory matters involving complex financial issues.

Forensic investigator at the FCA on cases linked to the LIBOR scandal.

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Private sale Open

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